WE MOVED OUR ANGELS CAMP SHOP TO 1267 S MAIN ST. ANGELS CAMP.CA (just a few doors down from the old location. We are in MARKET 49).

TCL Chocolates are handcrafted single origin confections made of Rain Forrest Certified & Cocoa Growers Certified chocolate by Market49. We use the highest quality ingredients available. We believe that quality cannot be compromised, and that’s something that you CAN taste! And that is how we have become known as “The Best Chocolates Around.” Once you taste our chocolates, you’ll discover why making it from scratch makes all the difference.

Our Chocolate Covered Bacon, Chocolate barks,  Peanut Beer Brittle, Caramels, Fine Chocolates, Hot Cocoa Mix, Cocoa Powders, Fudge, Candied Fruits, Handcrafted Marshmallows, Chocolate Popcorn, Rocky Road, S’mores, Chocolate Potato Chips, Almond Toffees, and Caramel Turtles are all made to order in small batches.

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